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This comprehensive pdf guide will bust open 21 pervasive myths about coaching. It will help you select a great coach for yourself or for your organisation.
It will help you put money back onto the bottom-line where it belongs.
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What you will get from this guide

Modern working life places great strain on people's ability to perform. People are more stressed than ever. People are getting swamped by negative emotions which drag them down. Staff turnover and sickness absence are on the rise. These problems cost you and your business real money.
There is a sustainable way to fix this for yourself and your key people. You must build and maintain high levels of mental and emotional resilience. You need to embrace the power of coaching to do it. Proper external coaching from a world class coach who knows their trade.
Coaching solves problems by helping people get themselves unstuck and stay unstuck. It works from the top to the bottom of the organisation. High-quality external coaching works for your people and your bottom-line profits. Embrace it and let coaching generate amazing results for you and your business.
Use the right tool for the right job and you will always get the best results.
What you will get from this comprehensive 65 page guide:
● You will examine twenty-one popular, pervasive and all too common coaching myths. You'll get the real information you need to make an informed decision.
● You'll get a better understanding of the powerful ways coaching can work for you.
● You'll be more confident in choosing a great coach for you and/or your organisation.
● You will get to know more about the coaching approach of the great Andrew D. Pope. That's me by the way, so no bias here whatsoever - honest. I'll also share my methods, approaches, and thoughts about coaching as a profession.
I am a busy and successful professional coach. This information will all be realistic, pragmatic and based on real-world experience.
I hope you enjoy it.
All the best to you and yours
Andrew D Pope

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